I loved it!! I could not put down. Both sexy and deliciously naughty. Can’t wait for book 2.

Joy Peace

A delightful escape. A tale that captures you on the seas of chemistry and sexual vulnerability.

S. Washington

A must read! This book was too good to only be 10 chapters. It kept me wanting more.


Could This Be Love?

Gabi, 28, has been looking forward to her seven-day cruise since she booked it. An analyst for a venture capital firm who comes from a hard-working affluent African American family, doesn’t give her much time to relax. Determined to unplug, Gabi heads to the bar and has a chance meeting with Jake the first night of her vacation. She’s intrigued and agrees to a dinner date on Day 2. Gabi finds she’s enjoying Jake’s company as the cruise continues and becomes comfortable with having a fling.

Jake, 34, an architect from a white family with generational wealth “old money”, meets Gabi at a bar on a cruise ship and is immediately attracted to her. With the ship having over five thousand passengers, he knows he can’t leave it up to chance that he will have another opportunity to ask Gabi on a date. Before she walks away, he grabs her hand and feels an instant spark. He realizes in that moment he has to get to know her better. By the time the first date ends, Jake’s positive he wants to continue seeing Gabi and wants more than just a vacation hookup. Now, he just needs to find a way to convince her this is real and their romance can extend beyond the cruise.

Could This Be Love? is the first book in the Love Blossoms Series.

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