My Fake Holiday Love

In the third book in the *Love Blossoms* *Series*, “My Fake Holiday Love” takes you into the lives of Jacqui McAdams, Jake’s twin sister, and Travis Prescott, her brother's best friend. Their connection sets ablaze a love that neither anticipated but cannot deny.

Jacqui McAdams, a gifted artist with a strong sense of family, finds herself in need of a date for her best friend’s wedding.
She responded with a plus one at a time when she was engaged to her fiancé who she later discovered had been having an affair. With the wedding now off, she found herself dateless without any prospects.

Travis Prescott, an intellectual property attorney, and Jacqui’s brother's best friend, haunted by a hidden love, has silently adored Jacqui from afar. Bound by loyalty and the fear of jeopardizing his relationship with her brother, Travis guards his own growing feelings.

Slowly, they unravel the layers of their desires. Travis understands his reputation of serial one-night stands impedes any chance he could possibly have with Jacqui. In turn, Jacqui enjoys knowing their time together comes with an expiration date. Taking full advantage of the fling, Jacqui finds a newfound confidence to pursue her passions.

As their connection deepens, they must navigate the challenges of overcoming hurt and confront their own ghosts from the past. Can they summon the courage to pursue love against all odds, risking family ties? "My Fake Holiday Love" weaves a tale of concealed affections, heartfelt confessions, and the transformative power of love that will leave you cheering for Jacqui and Travis as they embrace the love, they both secretly yearned for.

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