About CD Giles

A romantic at Heart

In a dream, inspiration struck CD Giles, igniting the creation of her debut book, Could This Be Love. Passionate about books and an avid reader herself, she embarked on a self-publishing journey as a contemporary romance novelist.

Initially, she casually crafted short stories without aspiring for publication. However, an undeniable urge to share her unique and heartfelt tales with the world surged within her. Completing her first book confirmed her calling, prompting immediate work on her next hit, For You to Love, part of the Love Blossoms Series. The series also includes her third work, My Fake Holiday Love, with a fourth eagerly anticipated for a summer 2024 release.

The romantic saga with her husband commenced in junior high, marked by 22 years of missed chances until fate intervened on an adult group trip, aligning their stars for an inseparable bond.

Beyond writing captivating romances, she indulges in word games like Scrabble, Wordle, and Cryptograms, relishes rom-coms, cherishes family time in the Texas Hill Country, and explores through travel.

CD Giles drew inspiration for her debut book, Could This Be Love, from a dream, sparking her journey as a self-published contemporary romance novelist. Crafting short stories without serious publication intent initially, she later felt compelled to share her heartfelt tales. The first book solidified her calling, propelling her to pen subsequent hits like For You to Love and My Fake Holiday Love as part of the Love Blossoms Series, with a fourth installment slated for a summer 2024 release.

Her romance with her husband, born in junior high, weathered 22 years of missed opportunities until fate united them during an adult group trip. They've been inseparable since. Apart from her writing endeavors, she finds joy in word games, rom-coms, family time in the Texas Hill Country, and exploring through travel.

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