My Writing Process

My Writing Process: Orchestrating Stories from Dreams to Reality

Embarking on the thrilling journey of my writing process, it’s a tale of
evolution and timeless elements. Imagine the birth of my first book, “Could
This Be Love,” emerging from the depths of a dream. Picture this cinematic
scene—I find myself in my office, engulfed in the glow of the computer
screen, passionately typing the opening chapter. The realization that this
dream-turned-story could slip away jolts me awake at three in the morning.
In a heartbeat, I catapult out of bed, snatch my computer, and find refuge
at my kitchen table. Fingers dance over the keys, chasing words speeding
past like speeding cars on an interstate.

Ideas strike at unpredictable moments, and to ensnare every fleeting
moment, I rely on my trusty Notes app or the voice memo feature on my
phone, if inspiration chooses to visit on the road.

With a background as a project manager, I dance on the tightrope between
creativity and structured story planning. Character sketches for the hero
and heroine unfold, intertwined with pivotal moments that mold their

My ultimate mission in My Writing Process is to preserve the authenticity of the characters,
steering clear of contrived endings. Thus, my process is a symphony—a
delicate blend of planning, yet a celebration of unbridled creativity.

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